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Why Read

As a college student, I read 100s of books a year

About all sorts of things:

Philosophy, Science, Mathematics, Novels, Self-Help, Politics, Storytelling, History, Business and more

I like to joke that I graduated from libraries, rather than any particular educational institution. Every joke tends to have a kernel of truth, and this one is no different. In fact, if I have accumulated any merits at all in life, it has been primarily due to reading books.

In Reading Books, I discovered the thoughts of the greatest minds, the most profound and refined views on various topics, and priceless historical records of human existence. I learned of the heights of human efforts & achievement

The experience transformed me, from a confused and floundering student, to a determined and focused individual. Reading encouraged me more than anything. It has given me the aspiration and power to live life properly.

Simply put, Reading WORKS.

It works, regardless of what problem you are facing now. Reading helps you become a better problem solver.

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What is 365 Reasons

The pure logic for reading books goes something like this:

I noticed that while such pure logic made intellectual sense what really motivated me to read more was not pure logic alone.

What really moved me was the strong personal statements from great people from history, who loved books, who had benefited from books, and constantly praised its merits.

There was Tesla, Newton, Darwin, Lee Kuan Yew, Schopenhauer, Rickover, Charlie Munger, Shankaracharya, Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln, Alan Kay and many, many more -- the list of scholars, practitioners and erudites praising the value of reading was nearly endless.

Their passionate advocacy and conviction-filled words created an unshakable faith within me, that reading consistently is the best thing I can do, if I am to use my life properly.

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How you too can read consistently

The 365 Reasons News Letter is born from my personal experience of transformation. And my desire is to help you have transformational reading experience, so that you benefit personally, and with your personal growth, let civilization benefit too.

When beginning, you may face a overwhelming number of practical and tactical choices. Physical books vs eBooks, Fiction vs Non-Fiction, Interesting vs Not Interesting, Easy Read vs Difficult Read, etc. While these sorts of tactical choices do matter, tactical decisions are less important than consistently reminding yourself of the “why”.

365 Reasons exists to help you create that mental environment that constantly encourages you to explore the world of reading.

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