More Feedback
Higher Team Performance

Boost Employee Commitment

Recognize the commitment of your employess to
increase the overall performance

Reviews for employees

Empower the whole organization to unify through learning from one another. Transparent and inclusive.

Performance Review

Let everyone's performance record shine through mutual feedback. Frequent and specific.

Performance Appraisal

Involve everyone in valuing and helping each other. Instant and effortless.

Performance Management

Aggregate skills, relations, emotions into one place. Crisp insights on engagement.

Performance evaluation

Get relevant and high accuracy data to make important decisions.
Unbiased and grounded.

The problem: Feedback Frequency and Specificity

Fuel Your Performance Flywheel

Feedback matters: The numbers

Fact Growth Areas With Hexmos Feedback
>60% of employees want timely feedback throughout the year Infrequent feedback (weekly, monthly, etc) Feedback is instant, on-the-spot, throughout the day
Specific, informational feedback enhances performance Non-specific, generic feedback Specific feedback, tied to attribute/activity & points
~50% of employees feel they're not seen, not appreciated enough, and do not put in full efforts Inconsistent/Lacking appreciation Consistent, visible appreciation and recognition
>90% employees believe in the efficacy of constructive criticism Insufficient constructive criticism Constructive criticism, find strengths/growth areas

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Friendly Feedback App for Teams

  • Live feed of feedback for your team
  • Activity Streak
  • Skill graph to spot trends and issues
  • HK Points based leaderboard
  • Team graphs to understand team performance
  • Fine-tune feedback process through profiles/permissions
  • Works everywhere: Web/Android/iOS; Also available in Discord/Slack bots

Share feedback in < 1 Minute

A feedback consists 3 ingredients: less than 140 characters of text, a skill or attributes, an HK point ranging 1-5.

Realtime feed of "What's happening" at work

Informative bio and personal voting streak

Reinforce culture and values through custom attributes

Use Team Activity Streak to Monitor FeedbackLevels

A little friendly competition: HK Points based Leaderboard

Team graphs to review performance together

Fine-tune feedback process through profiles/permissions

Works everywhere: Browser, Apps, Chat

Web/Android/iOS; Also available in Discord/Slack bots

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