Hello, my name is Sreedeep CV, I am currently learning

compiler construction through practice.

Based on Robert Nystrom's wonderful book Crafting Interpreters, we created a compiler. All the features of a contemporary object-oriented programming language are implemented in the Lox language.

Lox is a C-based bytecode compiler.

Compiler Projects

Latest Project

Clox -A bytecode Interpreter

Clox is an interpreter written in c. It is a bytecode interpreter. It also has a Virtual Machine to run the bytecode instructions. Another advanced feature is the Garbage collection. The project code is here And here is a small presentation on its features

Technologies used include:

  • C Language

First Project

Jlox -Interpreter with AST representation

Jlox is an interpreter built using java. Datastructures are made using java libraries. It's based on parsing an Abstract Syntax Tree of Jlox tokens. The project code is this For more details of implementation follow these Slides

Technologies used include:

  • Java

Reasearch and development at Hexmos

We have hundreds of research projects which are being executed and completed

You can also be a part of our team to build such complex models and technologies

Our main focus

  • continuous followup
  • Collective decision making
  • Language Design
  • Continuous and consistent learning

Contact me

Please feel free to contact me if you have any doubts, and also if you are interested in learning more about language design.

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