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FeedZap: Read 2X Books This Year

FeedZap helps you consume your books through a healthy, snackable feed, so that you can read more with less time, effort and energy.

Feedback: Consistently Motivate Your Team with Less Effort

More than 60% of employees yearn for regular, meaningful feedback, but often feel undervalued and unmotivated.
Feedback helps your people provide frequent feedback to one another effortlessly so that your team always remains highly motivated.

Open Source

Lama2: Free, Lightweight & Collaborative API Client

Most engineering teams have trouble collaborating on APIs or end up paying too much for Postman/Insomnia. Our FOSS product Lama2 helps your team collaborate on APIs for free based on git, so that you can save money and avoid friction.

Ansika: Hassle-Free Engineer Onboarding

Bringing in new engineers to your team means tediously setting up lots of software. Ansika helps build hassle-free custom one-line installers, saving your team time, effort, and money.

glee: Dev-friendly Blogging Setup

Most technical teams struggle to put together a modern and dev-friendly blogging setup.
Our free product glee helps your devs compose, backup & collaborate on blog posts using markdown files so that they can ship awesome content without frustration.

Python AWS SQS Consumer

Write Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) consumers in Python with simplified interface. Define your logic to process an SQS message.


A React-Native library for managing infinite scrolling with integrated tabs.Support multiple onScroll

Biglist with tabs (React-Native)

Manage clickable items by scrolling through section tabs. It permits processing thousands of items on the list.Fast and Simple to use.


A React Native component which allows you to easily integrate Tenor GIFs into your app. Also supports Tenor V2 APIs.


Journal: Philosophy x Engineering Blog by Hexmos

Get an under-the-hood look at Hexmos. Team members share their views, ideas, experiments and interests in the blog. A minimum of one post a week, guaranteed. Subscribe to receive the posts directly within your inbox.

365 Reasons: Level Up, via Reading

1 powerful reason a day nudging you to read so that you can read more, and level up in life. Sent throughout the year. Absolutely FREE.


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