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Open Source

Lama2: Plain-Text Powered REST API Client for Teams

Human-friendly syntax and CLI for describing and executing APIs, store and collaborate on API files using version control. Ships with IDE and text-editor integrations. Markdown for APIs.

Ansika: One-line Installers for Smoother Employee Onboarding

Build one-line commands for installing and configuring all the software your team needs. Onboard employees with a single command. 100% Free and Open Source. Built on top of Ansible and Nuitka.

glee: Publish Markdown Files to Ghost Blog

glee publishes Markdown files into Ghost blog posts. With glee, you can create and update ghost blogs. Since glee operates on plain markdown files, your blog posts are now git-friendly, allowing for easy collaboration.

Python AWS SQS Consumer

Write Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) consumers i_glee_mainlogo.png with simplified interface. Define your logic to process an SQS message.


A React-Native library for managing infinite scrolling with integrated tabs.Support multiple onScroll

Biglist with tabs (React-Native)

Manage clickable items by scrolling through section tabs. It permits processing thousands of items on the list.Fast and Simple to use.


A React Native component which allows you to easily integrate Tenor GIFs into your app. Also supports Tenor V2 APIs.



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