Syntax Guidance

The following is the recommended flow for a simple .l2 file. The grammar offers some additional flexibilities in ordering the various components, but it is preferable to stick to the following ordering to help with consistency. Also, for chaining requests, one needs a little bit more syntax -- See Examples

%%{init: {'securityLevel': 'loose', 'theme':'base'}}%%
graph TD
    Z --> A
    A["HTTP Verb (get/post/put/delete)"] --> B[Multipart]
    C["URL ("]
    A --> C
    B --> C
    D["Headers (header_key: header_value)"]
    C --> D
    D --> E
    F["VarJSON (key=value)"]
    G["JSON {'key': 'value'}"]
    H["Multipart files (filename@filepath)"]
    E --> F
    F --> H
    E --> G
    H --> I
    G --> I