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How to Add a New Method to the LSP Binary

This guide will walk you through the process of adding a new method to the LSP binary in the Lama2 project.

1. Understanding the Entry Point at lama2cmd.go

The LSP server is initiated by l2 --lsp. This is handled in the ArgParsing function:

func ArgParsing(o *Opts, version string) {
    if o.Lsp {
        // Incoming requests to the LSP will be processed by l2lsp.StartLspServer()

2. Directing the Input

The input is directed to the HandleMethod function:

rpcResponse := HandleMethod(rpcRequest)

You can view the implementation of this function in the identify_method.go file.

3. Adding Your Method

To add your custom method, modify the HandleMethod function by adding a new case to the switch statement.

4. Implementing the Logic

Write the logic for your method in the methods directory.

5. Using and Defining Structs

For general request structures, refer to JSONRPCRequest in general_request.go.

If you need to define a custom struct for your method, add it in the request directory.

For general response structures, refer to JSONRPCResponse in general_response.go.

6. Utilizing Helper Functions

The respond.go file provides helper functions to create success and error responses:

func CreateSuccessResponse(requestID int, result interface{}) JSONRPCResponse {...}
func ErrorResp(req request.JSONRPCRequest, errorCode int, errorMsg string) JSONRPCResponse {...}

Use these functions to streamline the response creation process.