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Import Postman

Lama2 ships with a rudimentary converter from Postman to a Plain-Text Lama2 API repository. The converter presently is in an embryonic state and may merely produce approximate results.

1. Export from Postman

1.1 Access Settings

1.2 Data Export


Although postman offers more selective exporting (collection, folder, request levels), Lama2 presently supports only the whole-data export depicted above.

The above step must produce a .json file.

2. Convert Postman .json dump into Lama2 API repo

Run the following to convert the postman data dump into a Lama2 API structure.

l2 -p postman_dump.json -l my_l2output_dir

The command will prompt for an environment. Select the environment which you wish to export. Once you pick the option, Lama2 will produce the my_l2output_dir directory filled with the original organizational hierarchy and a bunch of .l2 and l2.env files.