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IDE/Editor Support

Useful Options

The l2 command provides some helpful options for extension developers. The options are:

  1. --nocolor or -n disables colored output in httpie-go (in CLI);
  2. --output=<target.json or -o writes a structured JSON output to the target file (without colors). The following is the content structure:
    "logs": ...,
    "headers": ...,
    "body": ...
  • logs: String value. Contains ASCII-color-coded log output. Control the logging level through -v option
  • headers: A string consisting of HTTP header: Value pairs separated by newline.
  • body: A string containing the HTTP response. Usually a JSON or HTML response.


Right now, all the three values in the JSON are strings. In the future, we may transform the values further to provide a more parse-friendly structure.

The Command

Combining the above two options, we get:

l2 -n -o /tmp/lama2.json my_api.l2

The command mentioned above disables HTTPie colors, writes the whole transaction to a structured JSON, while also printing details into stdout.

The extension author can simply read the file, and display the contents to users appropriately. For an example, see Lama2 for VSCode (also see Marketplace page).

Syntax Highlighting

The VSCode plugin implements a rudimentary syntax highlighting for .l2 files. We use Iro for syntax grammar generation. Find more details if interested.