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import ""

Package controller coordinates all the other components in the `Lama2` project. The high level overview of command execution is easily understood from this package


func ExecuteProcessorBlock

func ExecuteProcessorBlock(block *gabs.Container, vm *goja.Runtime)

func ExecuteRequestorBlock

func ExecuteRequestorBlock(block *gabs.Container, vm *goja.Runtime, opts *lama2cmd.Opts, dir string) httpie.ExResponse

func GetParsedAPIBlocks

func GetParsedAPIBlocks(parsedAPI *gabs.Container) []*gabs.Container

func HandleParsedFile

func HandleParsedFile(parsedAPI *gabs.Container, o *lama2cmd.Opts, dir string)

func Process

func Process(version string)

Process initiates the following tasks in the given order: 1. Parse command line arguments 2. Read API file contents 3. Expand environment variables in API file 4. Parse the API contents 5. Generate API request command 6. Execute command & retrieve results 7. Optionally, post-process and write results to a JSON file

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