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import ""

Package `outputmanager` provides facilities for controlling the logging library as well as capabilities to post-process API execution results (such as store results as a JSON file)



LogBuff is used to append various log statements into memory. If the user toggles the `Output (-o)` option, then the contents of LogBuff is pushed into a JSON file

var LogBuff bytes.Buffer

func ConfigureZeroLog

func ConfigureZeroLog(level string)

ConfigureZeroLog provides global log level setting. By default, ZeroLog uses the DEBUG level; however, the function makes the desired level more explicit

func ResponseToJSON

func ResponseToJSON(resp httpie.ExResponse) (*gabs.Container, error)

func WriteJSONOutput

func WriteJSONOutput(resp httpie.ExResponse, targetPath string)

WriteJSONOutput is primarily built for helping with Extension/Integration building with external tools. Extension writers may simply call `l2 -n -o /tmp/lama2.json ...` to invoke WriteJSONOutput; the generated json file contains three keys: `logs`, `headers`, `body`

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